Concern for Lu Guang Photographer and Laureate is Missing

Lu Guang

We are greatly concerned for missing photographer and Prince Claus Laureate Lu Guang. He disappeared on 3 November in Xinjiang Province after he held a photography workshop in Urumqi. He was planning to then travel to Sichuan, but never arrived. His wife recently heard that he was taken by security forces. Details of his safety and whereabouts are currently unknown. 

"The Prince Claus Fund’s core mission is to support cultural expression under pressure. With this in mind, it is crucial that we voice our concern for Lu Guang's situation as its being reported at present. Lu Guang has managed in difficult circumstances to create exceptional photographic work. Rapid industrialisation, climate change, and public health in China are just a few of the pressing subjects he has covered. He received the Prince Claus Award in 2013 for showing the powerful role of photography as a medium for positive social change. It seems that this powerful talent is now missing. This is deeply troubling news, on a personal level but also for critical voices in the region. We hope that he is safe. Our hearts go out to his family.” - Joumana El Zein Khoury, director of the Prince Claus Fund

Lu Guang received the Prince Claus Award in 2013. Among his many achievements, he has also received multiple awards from World Press Photo, Germany’s Henri Nannen prize and National Geographic photography grant.