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Network Partners receive funding for a new initiative for 3 years and take part in 1-2 meetings a year with other partner organisations to exchange experiences and discuss issues that they find relevant. After three years of financial support, a Network Partner organisation remains part of this international, multi-disciplinary committee as an advisor, attending meetings and contributing to the ongoing cultural exchange. At this time we are not accepting proposals for new Network Partners. 

Learn more about our current network partners below. 

Meet our network partners

Arte Mujeres Ecuador

Arte Mujeres Ecuador, Ecuador

Private Print

PrivatePrint, Macedonia


Kinani, Mozambique

KHOJ logo

Khoj, India

Studio 8 logo

Studio 8, Jordan

TPF circle website

Tbilisi Photo Festival, Georgia

Arab Media Lab Logo Image Card

Arab Media Lab, Morocco

Music In Africa Main Logo Mia Small

Music in Africa Foundation, South Africa

Ugandan Arts Trust Logo1

32° East Ugandan Arts Trust, Uganda


Creating Independent and Artistic Networks (CRIA), Argentina

Dokufest Hr Logo

Dokufest - International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kosovo


Visual Culture Research Centre - VCRC, Ukraine

2018_Network Partner_ Despina_Person

Despina Non-Profit Cultural Association, Brazil

2018_Network Partner_ Land Art Mongolia_Person

Land Art Mongolia, Mongolia

2018 Network Partners Kibii Person

Kibii Foundation, Suriname

2018 Network Partners Redsea Cultural Foundation Person

Redsea Cultural Foundation, Somaliland