Museo de Antioquía Network Partner

The Museo de Antioquia was established in 1881. It is located in the center of Medellín, one of the most conflictual cities in the world, and in a country that has long been affected with armed conflict and tremendous deficits in its development model. In its 120 years of existence, the Museum has developed an extensive art collection that focuses on Colombian history (from pre-Colombian to Contemporary art). However, the complex social, political and economical reality has transformed the Museum into a cultural centre that focuses on diverse artistic, cultural and social projects. Today, the Museum plays an active role in primarily addressing issues related to marginalised segments of the communities surrounding Medellín and its region. It has made the active choice to go beyond the aesthetic dimension and include the ethical, political and social dimensions in an urgent drive to stimulate multicultural dialogue and critical thinking. Its aim is to contribute to peace building and cultural understanding. Apart from its extensive art collection the Museum’s tools consist of dynamic activities, programmes and projects that reflect this vision of working for social inclusion. The most important activities of the Museum are: the Travelling Museum Programme, the Artistic Workshop CREA, the organisation of the International Meeting of Medellín and the International Film Festival "Movies Without Borders".

Film: Ana Piedad Restrepo Jaramillo on Museo de Antioquía