Moving Worlds

This report describes the interim evaluation of the Prince Claus Fund's activities 2012-2015 as agreed with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2011.

This interim evaluation was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and conducted between April and September 2015. The evaluation is based on more than 75 interviews in the Netherlands and abroad, two country case studies in Myanmar and Egypt and extensive reviewing of project documentation (described in chapter 1). The final chapter lists the main conclusions and recommendations that result from this evaluation.

The main programmes evaluated were:

  • Grants & Collaborations (G&C) supporting cultural initiatives, exchange and organisations in so-called ‘zones of silence’ and (post) conflict areas,
  • Cultural Emergency Response (CER) providing financial support for first aid to cultural heritage damaged by man-made or natural disaster (and in practice also by longer term neglect), including through capacity building,
  • Prince Claus Awards honouring of people and organisations with outstanding achievements in culture and development through an Award, Ceremonies and promotional activities,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Communication and Outreach aimed at knowledge management and external communications as cross-cutting programmes.

The goal of this interim evaluation, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs , is to gain insight in the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the Prince Claus Fund 2012-2015. The evaluation intends to serve both accountability as well as learning purposes.