Mobile Lab Senegal Documentary Filmmaking Workshop with Alain Gomis

Alain Gomis

Courtesy of Alain Gomis

The 2024 Mobile Lab Senegal features a three-day documentary filmmaking workshop between 4 - 6 June in Dakar by Senegalese-French film director, screenwriter, and 2022 Impact Awardee, Alain Gomis. Some of the key topics the workshops address include making cinemas in Africa accessible, the restitution of African film heritage and the performativity of films, restoring history through cinema, and more. 

Participants in the workshop are young individuals eager to learn more about filmmaking. The programme includes 2 half-days of training in image and sound, 2 days of filming, and 5 days of post-production at the Yennenga Center in Dakar. 

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