Mobile Lab Argentina Public Parliament

6 María Medrano Courtesy of María Medrano 1

Image courtesy of YoNoFui

The "Parliament of Thieves and the Deviated" is a reenactment of the first action of the Penal Abolitionist movements held in 1966 in Sweden, where people deprived of their liberty together with judges, lawyers prosecutors, and people from the security forces gathered in the same space to problematise prisons. Taking up this action from a critical Latin American viewpoint, we will hold this congress where we will meet in rounds to discuss and elaborate political questions around punishment and punitivism.

This event is part of the 2023 Mobile Lab Argentina public programme and takes place on 26 November, 13:30-19:30 (GMT-3) at the Auditorium of Manzana de Las Luces in Buenos Aires, Argentina