María Pía López

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María Pía López is a sociologist, essayist, researcher and teacher based in Argentina. She has published numerous books of essays, such as "Mutantes. Trazos sobre los cuerpos" (Colihue, 1997), "Sabato o la moral de los argentinos" (Armas de la crítica, 1997, in collaboration with Guillermo Korn), and "Towards Intense Life. A History of Vitalist Sensibility" (Eudeba, 2010), among others. María has written three novels: "No tengo tiempo" (Paradiso, 2010), "Habla Clara" (Paradiso, 2012) and "Teatro de operaciones" (Paradiso, 2014). Her latest book is "Travesía. Jugar con maldón". 

Until 2015, she was the director of the Museum of the Book and Language at the National Library in Buenos Aires. María currently teaches at the National University of General Sarmiento and at the University of Buenos Aires.