Zimbabwe International Book Fair Zimbabwe

The 1997 Principal Award goes to the Zimbabwe International Book Fair in Harare, which over the last six years has grown into an important meeting place for publishers, writers, poets and translators. The fair is a highly dedicated organisation whose activities push back and cross frontiers, despite operating on a shoestring. It endeavours to promote intercultural exchange in the field of literature on an international level, and scouts the field for African literary talent. The Fund was particularly impressed by the bold implementation of its network function, coupled with a modern, practical organisational approach. The Zimbabwe International Book Fair provides a medium for many young writers, a platform for narrators and liaises between publishers and translators. It is also a stage for actors, dancers and singers. The fair's success is due to a logical, lucid organisation combined with an active policy of producing and disseminating African literature. The Prince Claus Fund regards it as a privilege and a pleasure to present its Principal Award to the Zimbabwe International Book Fair in the person of its inspired and engaged director since 1991, Trish Mbanga.