Vincent Carelli Brazil

Vincent Carelli (1953 b. Paris, moved age 5 to Sao Paulo, Brazil) is a documentary filmmaker and activist for indigenous rights who has brought video making to indigenous communities. In 1986 he founded a collaborative production centre, Video in the Villages (Vídeo nas Aldeias). 

VNA supplies indigenous schools with videos in their own languages and has created an exchange network among different indigenous communities. VNA’s programmes, made and directed by indigenous filmmakers from 50 different indigenous communities, have been widely disseminated in Brazil and internationally. They have been instrumental in changing Brazilian public perceptions of indigenous lives. By initiating a creative way for indigenous peoples to document their own cultures, Vincent Carelli has found an effective means to counter prejudice and promote peaceful interethnic relations.

He jointly received the Principal Prince Claus Award together with Ma Jun in 2017. 

Find the report from the 2017 Prince Claus Awards Committee here