Sudanese Writers Union Sudan

Sudanese Writers Union, Sudan, 1985 The Sudanese Writers Union works through culture to promote dialogue and seek solutions to conflicts. Emphasising Sudan’s multi-cultural identity and rigorously promoting the right of all people to express their culture and beliefs, it brings together writers of different disciplines, intellectual orientations, regional backgrounds, genders and ethnicities. Founded on the restoration of democracy in 1985, the union quickly became an important space for informed discussion. Two days after the military coup in 1989, it was banned and its members subjected to harassment, torture and detention. Re-emerging on the signing of the peace agreement in 2006, it currently has about 50 members. Regular meetings attract 200 participants for candid debate on controversial issues such as Darfur, rape, Muslim identity and government corruption. Through frequent publication in daily newspapers, including articles by members living in exile, the union spreads informed opinion. It hosts international intellectuals, participates in international conferences and engages with international issues. The Sudanese Writers Union is honoured for its combination of intellectualism and activism, for providing a platform for freedom of expression, cultural diversity and social justice, and for its courageous use of the word in its struggle against tyranny.

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