Memoria Abierta (Open Memory) Argentina

Memoria Abierta (Open Memory) is an alliance of seven human rights organizations founded to assist victims of state terrorism in Argentina between 1974 and 1983. Its work springs from recognition of the importance of memory in the rehabilitation of communities that have experienced trauma. The alliance has set up an archive of more than 20,000 documents and photographs, an oral archive containing more than 260 personal testimonies from victims, activists and exiles, and has mapped sites used by the state for the detention, torture and death of citizens. It has also recorded a virtual exposition of the archives on CD-Rom, and produced teaching materials widely used in primary and secondary schools. A founding member of the International Coalition of Museums of Conscience, one of Memoria Abierta’s priorities is to create a permanent institution for this national heritage. Through its network for reconciliation and democracy, Memoria Abierta highlights the consequences of violation for society, contributes to the reconstruction of identity, and promotes awareness among new generations. The Prince Claus Award pays tribute to Memoria Abierta for its important work in the cultural context of both Latin America and the world.

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