Ma Jun China

Ma Jun (1968, Beijing, China) is a new media designer and environmentalist who is empowering citizens to take action against industrial pollution. In 2006, he set up the non-profit Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) which collects and analyses official data on pollution, making it understandable and available to the general public. Ma Jun and IPE have developed an innovative app that, among other things, allow people to see air quality in 300 Chinese cities and report evidence of pollution in their neighbourhoods. Ma Jun highlights best practices and presses for transparency. He co-founded a network of environmental NGOs. He reaches a broad audience of consumers, corporations and government with information about environmental issues through social media, lectures, workshops and publications.

He jointly received the Principal Prince Claus Award together with Vincent Carelli in 2017. 

Find the report from the 2017 Prince Claus Awards Committee here