Lita Stantic Argentina

A wave of vital new films has developed despite of, and out of, the context of the economic crisis in Argentina. Working with minimal budgets and few resources, young directors have expressed through their cinematography the contemporary outlook in Latin America. Many of these experimental films have won awards at internationally renowned film festivals such as Venice, Rotterdam, Havana, Buenos Aires. The potential creativity of young directors such as Lucrecia Martel, Pablo Trapero and Diego Lerman was nurtured and channelled by the dynamic producer, Lita Stantic, who sacrificed her own opportunities to direct in order to produce films by other young film-makers. With particular reference to the difficult economic context, it was Lita Stantic’s entrepreneurship that facilitated all of the new wave films and enabled this explosion of talent in the Argentinian cinema. The award will provide stimulation to further creative effort by the young film-makers of Argentinia, and give well-deserved recognition and honour to the woman without whom many of these innovative films and the phenomenon of New Argentinian Cinema could not have been realised.