L'Art Rue Tunisia

L’Art Rue (2006, Tunis, Tunisia) is an association that is transforming life in Tunis through reappropriating public space for creative expression and public participation. Founded in 2006 by choreographers and dancers Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, L’Art Rue runs a range of activities. It takes art to children and teenagers in schools, organises workshops for artists and urban professionals, provides residences and initiates collaborative research, reflection and production. It has started a free quarterly review of critical contemporary writing on art in public space and the relationship between art and civic and political life that is distributed in North Africa and Europe. In 2007 it started Dream City, a festival of contemporary arts in public spaces, using the medina, which was then nearly deserted. L’Art Rue has developed cultural programmes for marginalized people that strengthen respect for the rights of minorities. It lobbies politicians for the structural support of culture and collaborated in raising voices that call for social justice.

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