Joaquin Salvador Lavado (Quino) Argentina

Joaquin Salvador Lavado, alias Quino (Argentina, 1932) Joaquin Salvador Lavado, alias Quino is a cartoonist who believes that humour is ‘the little grain of sand that acts as a catalyst to change’ and whose work stimulates reflection on global ethical concerns. His cartoons focus on daily life in Argentina and in the world. Meticulously executed in black and white, Quino’s drawings are distinctive for their fine aesthetic quality. The lithe line, subtle detail and evocative spatial effects convey his intention without any need for words, and compel the viewer to look carefully and consider deeply, encouraging a deep response. His popular 1960s heroine Mafalda, devised to promote gender equality, peace and children’s rights through comic strips, was revived for the 10th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and has been used for public health education and democracy campaigns. With several illustrated books and animated films, and widely published in Latin America and internationally, this Award honours Quino for his subtle aesthetics and for a lifetime of dedication to human rights through humour.

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