Jawad Al Assadi Iraq

Jawad Al Assadi is a leading director of theatre in the Arab world. He offers an innovative vision of theatre, devotes energy to training young actors and employs a unique style in directing plays by a wide range of Arab playwrights such as Saádallah Wanoos and Mahmoud Diab, as well as works by Chekhov and Brecht. Jawad Al Assadi has written poems, essays on theatre, studies on rehearsals, and several plays, which have been translated into English, Russian and French, including Forget Hamlet, The Bench and Women of War. Jawad Al Assadi has spent 25 years as an exile, moving between different Arab countries, working with theatre and actors’ groups and contributing to the development of progressive thought and dialogue in the region. While much of his widely admired work has been done in exile, he has recently returned to Iraq where he is giving new impetus and support to cultural activities in difficult circumstances. This award pays tribute to Jawad Al Assadi’s outstanding efforts in fostering cultural creativity.

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