Ivaldo Bertazzo Brazil

Ivaldo Bertazzo is a choreographer and therapist who has initiated an unusual training scheme for dancers that motivates young people to explore their identity and develop psychophysical integration. He founded the School for Re-education of Movement and in 1976 launched the concept of ‘citizen dancers’ to increase participation by non-professionals. Further expanding the influence of dance and movement, he now works with large groups of between 60 and 120 youngsters from the favelas, drawing on the varied cultural traditions of Brazil as well as of India. Bertazzo not only trains them but also provides education and welfare assistance. Bertazzo highlights gesture, awareness, concentration and communication which are expressed in unique public performances that celebrate movement and music, and are widely acclaimed for their beauty and vitality. The idea that care of body and spirit through dance stimulates confidence, discipline and respect for others is further disseminated through lectures, symposiums and a book, Space and Body – Re-education Movement Guide. The Prince Claus Award honours Ivaldo Bertazzo for establishing these innovative programmes that put young people in touch with their potential, and for stimulating cultural creativity that provides opportunities for individuals and communities.

2004 Awards Book here