Halet Çambel Turkey

An eminent scholar and expert in the archaeology of the Anatolian Peninsula, Halet Çambel is renowned for conducting rescue excavations of endangered heritage sites, introducing stone restoration and ensuring proper conservation of significant cultural heritage in Turkey. Halet Çambel founded the chair of prehistoric archaeology at Istanbul University and has taught and inspired generations of students. She was instrumental in protecting a village of unique Turkish houses and has recently opened an Art and Culture House where concerts, exhibitions and other cultural activities take place. Halet Çambel’s meticulous scholarship, commitment to international collaboration and enthusiasm for innovative research are praised both in Turkey and in the wider international community. Her numerous publications (from 1938 onwards), television programmes, documentaries, and the first open-air museum of antiquities at the Karatepe-Aslantaş site, are among her contributions to knowledge of and accessibility to the civilisations and historical riches of Turkey. The Prince Claus Award honours Halet Çambel for her dedicated scholarship and for her unique role in expanding the possibilities for interaction between people and their cultural heritage.

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