Farroukh Qasim Tajikistan

Farroukh Qasim has brought renewal to theatre in Tajikistan through his approach to the creative reworking of an eclectic repertoire. An outstanding actor, he began his directing career in the 1970s with daring critiques of the totalitarian system, which resulted in internal exile. With social liberalisation in the 1980s, he formed a theatre group and began energetic production. Farroukh Qasim draws inspiration from multiple cultures, readily adapting methods and concepts, and reinterpreting through the addition of new characters. He has created performances based on sources as varied as Rumi, Zoroastrian and Koranic texts, Sufi mystics and plays by Moliére and Bulgakov, for example a Tajik King Lear incorporating 10th century Persian verses. His studio trains young actors and directors, and the Akhorun theatre regularly tours in the Middle East as well as Eastern and Western Europe. This Prince Claus Award honours Farroukh Qasim for his creative contributions to performance art and literature in Tajikistan.

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