Diamantina Arcoiris Colombia

2020 Prince Claus Laureate

Diamantina Arcoiris (Bogotá, 1981)

Diamantina Arcoiris is a fashion designer who uses her knowledge and skills to help those marginalised by society. In the challenging environment of one of Bogotá's barrios, she has set up Fundación Rediseñándonos (Redesign Ourselves Foundation), which offers a welcoming community and inspiring workshops. Drawing on the therapeutic aspects of creativity and creative production, she is empowering people to explore alternative possibilities and redesign their lives.

Diamantina Arcoiris 2020 Photograph by Gabriela Orjuela All rights reserved to Fundación Rediseñándonos

Photo credit: Gabriela Orjuela. All rights reserved to Fundación Rediseñándonos