Carlinhos Brown Brazil

Carlinhos Brown is an extraordinarily talented musician: percussionist, composer, instrumentalist and singer. A black Brazilian, he has brought his musical tradition to new prominence, strengthening its roots through cross-cultural activities with African musicians and musical traditions. Renowned for popularising a vibrant mix of many influences, touching on all kinds of traditions – salsa, rap, hip-hop, Candomble and even classical western – Carlinhos Brown’s music has been described as uncategorisable. He is one of the most inventive of Brazil’s new musicians, giving performances worldwide. Despite his success, he continues to live and produce his music in the predominantly black marginalised neighbourhood of Candeal, Salvador, where he is a role model and community activist. Besides his state-of-the-art recording studio, he has set up a music school in the slum which reaches out to the local people of all ages and offers them opportunities. Dance, singing and percussion training, drawing on all the local traditions which include for example Brazilian folklore, Portuguese/Christian mythology and African spiritualities, and performances stimulate and regenerate interest and pride in cultural heritage and its relevance in contemporary life. By combining music with social development activities he has helped the entire community to tackle the most fundamental local problems of water, sanitation, electricity, street violence and drug-trafficking. Carlinhos Brown has also established a concert space in the barrio, for over 1000 people, where he regularly performs. Please find his music on iTunes: