Aminata Traoré Mali

Aminata Traoré is a socio-cultural activist who emphasises the interrelationship of economics, politics and culture. With a doctorate in social psychology and psychopathology, she was a founder member of African Women for Research and Development and consultant for many development institutions. She established a cultural training centre in Mali, stimulated activities in the field of textiles and design, and was Mali’s Minister of Tourism and Culture. Preferring to work more directly in poor urban areas, she emphasises self-sufficiency, use of local skills and materials, and mobilises communities to build infrastructure, networks and enterprises. Critical of neo-liberal economics, bad governance and donor dependency, Aminata Traoré is the founder and co-ordinator of the Forum for Another Mali and is an associate co-ordinator in the International Network for Cultural Diversity. She is active in international debates on another globalisation based on cultural and political creativity. Having published over 50 articles and books, she is remarkable for putting ideas into practice at local and global levels. This Prince Claus Award honours Aminata Traoré for her bold and visionary leadership in empowering communities to find solutions within themselves and their culture.

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