Land Art Mongolia Network Partner

Land Art Mongolia 360° is an Ulaanbaatar-based independent contemporary art organization that organises the Land Art Mongolia Biennial and the Ulaanbaatar Public Art Week. Their main goal is to foster public dialogue concerning cultural and social policies, environmental issues with a particular attention to youth and groups which undergo the risk of marginalisation, such as nomadic people, ethnic minorities and non-commercial cultural organisations. At the same time, LAM 360° aims to promote Mongolian art on an international scale and to support early- and mid-career Mongolia artists through international exchange. The Biennial focusses on land art as a form of spatial visualisation of the relations between nature, culture and social policies as well as an impulse generator for civil society in Mongolia. Since 2016 the Biennial is combined with an annual summer artist residency in a ger camp in Mongolia. Additionally, LAM 360° engages with larger audiences by organising symposia and other public events which blend LAM 360°’s activities within the urban context of the capital. 

Film: Marc Schmitz & Dolgor Ser Od on Land Art Mongolia & PCF Partnership.