Khalid Abdel-Hadi

Khalid by Abdullah Dajani

Image by Abdullah Dajani

Khalid Abdel-Hadi is a Palestinian-Jordanian visual artist, activist, and founder of My Kali magazine, a queer-feminist, bilingual webzine from and for the Arabic speaking region and diaspora. Khalid has graduated from several regional and international programmes, including the Swedish Institute’s Young Leaders Visitors Program, he took part in the Human Rights Watch "No Longer Alone" campaign, and is the curator of the exhibition "Habibi.ti: Revolutions of love" at the Arab World Institute in Paris. Additionally, Khalid is a contributor to the book "This Arab Is Queer - An Anthology by LGBTQ+ Arab Writers". 

Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of My Kali, along with other projects that consist of using arts to raise awareness and visibility towards the issues and victories of the regional queer and feminist community.