Grants & Collaborations Procedures

2018 Tiny Toones Grants Landscape

How does it work? 

Special Project Grants offer individuals and organisations the opportunity to receive one year project funding for new or existing quality initiatives in the arts. The Prince Claus Fund puts out calls, either independently or in collaboration with other organisations, for proposals with a special thematic or geographic focus. Project proposals are researched and evaluated on criteria that include, among others, quality, innovation, social and cultural relevance, possibility for successful implementation and reliability of proposing party. Funds are disbursed according to contracted agreement, pending evidence of progress. During the period of implementation, recipients provide at least one interim report and a final report with supporting documentation (photos, videos, etc.) It is possible to apply for another one year grant, once a supported project is completed.

Through the Network Partners programme, the Prince Claus Fund supports outstanding organisations with a track record of quality and accountability. The programme establishes six-year partnerships in order to develop long-term initiatives. Initially, a Network Partner implements a large scale project over three years with financial support from the Prince Claus Fund. For the next three years, the partner continues to participate as an adviser in the Network Partners Committee, which meets once or twice a year. The benefits of the Network Partnership are many: not only are creative ideas and new projects generated within the Network, partners inspire each other and advise the Fund. They structurally advise the Fund's policy, provide second opinions, and provide invaluable information on regional and local contexts. 

The Mobility Fund covers travel costs (economy plane or train tickets) in order to facilitate exposure and networking and foster cross-cultural exchange globally. On their return, recipients provide the Fund with a detailed report on their exchange and its benefits. 

Our Research, Monitoring & Evaluation team, gathers information, lessons learned, and discusses them internally. This process in turn feeds into improved future policy and implementation.

Grants And Collaborations Procedures Infographic