Going forward Our new strategy for 2021

Dear friends,

This is a time of change for people everywhere, and also for the Prince Claus Fund. Over the past year, we’ve been thinking deeply about how we as an organisation can focus and thrive. Based on our nearly 25 years’ experience, we’ve worked out an approach so we can best continue fulfilling our mission in the years to come. Starting in 2021, the Fund will embark on a new strategy. 

I'm excited to share our strategic choices with you. 

Our first strategic choice is to focus on people. We’ve seen it’s always extraordinary people who have creative ideas, drive change, lead organisations and inspire others. Focusing on people means we will be supporting individuals, rather than organisations. We will offer this support in a new form, by reimagining the Prince Claus Awards. 

Through a sequence of three awards we will support people at crucial moments in their creative careers. We’ll provide Seed Awards to support the development of socially engaged cultural practitioners early on. We’ll provide Mentorship Awards for people further on in their careers, people who’ve demonstrated strong potential as positive change makers. Through our Impact Awards we will honour change makers for their achievements. By sequencing awards in this way, and connecting recipients with each other, we aim to help cultural practitioners develop more sustainable careers. 

Our final strategic choice is to allow Cultural Emergency Response (CER) to take its rightful place in the field. CER has grown beyond emergency response. It has become an expert in heritage rescue and is now concentrating on preparedness, networking and leadership. It needs space to grow. To do this, CER will start the process of becoming independent of the Fund.

With these changes we can continue to support, connect and celebrate artists and cultural practitioners where cultural expression is under pressure. We look forward to keeping you informed as these plans develop and we put them into action in 2021. 

We’re excited about this new path and count on your understanding. Your continuing support for the Fund will help us make this a strong transition into the future. 

Warm regards,

Joumana El Zein Khoury
Director of the Prince Claus Fund

If you have  questions, please contact us at: [email protected]