Frequently Asked Questions

I want to apply, am I eligible?

Does the Prince Claus Fund accept applications from individuals? Yes, the Prince Claus Fund supports both individuals and non-profit organisations.

What countries are eligible? Calls vary in their criteria for eligibility but in general, the Fund supports applications from DAC listed countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Please be sure to check the specifications of the call that you are interested in.

Do you accept requests from applicants from Europe or North America? Some calls include countries in Eastern Europe, but countries in Western Europe and North America are not eligible for Prince Claus Fund grants.

Is it possible for the same organisation/individual to submit applications for more than one project under the same call? No.

Are past grantees eligible to apply for grants in future cycles? Yes, past grantees may apply for another grant once the previous Prince Claus Funded project is finalised, i.e. the final report is received and payment is completed.


I am eligible for support, but I wonder if my project is?

Does the Prince Claus Fund offer scholarships? No.

Does the Prince Claus Fund support the production or scripting of feature film projects? No, the Prince Claus Fund does not support the development, scripting, production or post-production of short or full-length documentary, animation, experimental, or feature films.

Does the Prince Claus Fund support writing and research? We do not fund research and writing of literary works, novels, short stories, poetry, or biographies.

Does the Prince Claus Fund support infrastructural costs? No, we don’t support infrastructural costs linked to the building or re-furbishing of a solid structure

Does the Prince Claus Fund support staff wages as part of a project? Yes, staff salaries related to a project can be included in the budget.

Does the Prince Claus Fund support workshops/seminars on subjects related to arts and culture? Yes.


I'm eligible for support, I want to know more about the application process:

Is it possible to submit applications for funding throughout the year? No, applications can only be submitted during the period of an open call.

What amount of funding I can apply for? The Prince Claus Fund's average grant is roughly €15.000.

How can I apply for a grant?  - We announce calls for proposals for various programmes on the Prince Claus Fund's website. Each call remains open for approximately 6 weeks. We only accept applications during these call cycles. Any applications submitted at other times will not be considered. You’ll find currently open calls here and basic criteria for eligibility here.

In which languages can I submit my application? Applications can be submitted in English, French or Spanish.

When will I receive a response? - The usual processing time for applications is approximately 5 months (8 weeks for Mobility grants). You will find more information on the selection criteria on the Basic Criteria page.

Will materials sent via mail be returned? No, we cannot return any application materials sent by mail.

How can I apply for the Mobility Fund? You’ll find information about the Mobility Fund, criteria, guidelines and who can apply here.

How long does it take to process a Mobility Fund request? It can take up to 8 weeks to process a request, although it usually happens more quickly. Applications must be received no later than 8 weeks before the intended date of travel. Payment is a reimbursement paid after travel has taken place, and is processed upon receipt of a final report, usually within 4 weeks of the travel dates.


I'm curious to know more about the Fund: 

Who was Prince Claus?  The husband of the former Dutch Queen, Beatrix, father of King Willem-Alexander, Prince Claus was a diplomat and fervent believer in the importance of culture.

How does the Prince Claus Fund define culture? What does it mean about culture & development? We believe that culture and development are inseparable. Our definition of culture is broad and dynamic. It is the identities particular to a community. It is also the many artistic and creative forms of the human imagination that give meaning to people’s lives. We understand development as a process of expanding the capabilities, opportunities and freedoms of individuals in a society. Development implies improving the quality of life for present and future generations not just in economic terms but also in terms of social cohesion, inclusion, and tolerance. In short, development means positive change.

Who Funds the Prince Claus Fund?  The Fund is a non-profit organsiation and we can't do our work alone! The Fund core financial support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Postcode Lottery. We  receive in-kind and financial support from private companies and individuals. We also collaborate on calls for proposals together with like-minded organsiations by co-financing calls jointly.  For more on how you can give to the Fund, click here

What is the Prince Claus Award? A Principal Prince Claus Award is for an amount of 100,000 euros and a Prince Claus Award is for 25,000 euros 

Why does the Prince Claus Fund limit its support for some cultural initiatives to countries listed in the DAC-list? Funding that the Prince Claus Fund receives from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs stipulates that it be used in countries officially listed by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the OECD.

What is the Prince Claus Fund Gallery and what can I view there? The Prince Claus Fund has an exhibition space on the ground floor of its offices at Herengracht 603. We organise between one major exhibition a year of work by partners and laureates. It also organises additional activities. For more information about current and past exhibitions, and opening times see here.

Can we register for group tours of the Gallery? Yes we have ‘Academy Days’ for students and are happy to arrange tours for interested groups. Please contact [email protected]

Is there a library or resource centre at the Prince Claus Fund? Yes, we’re quite proud of our library. It contains more than 10,000 titles of books, publications, magazines, DVD’s and more, covering a great variety of subjects from the international field of culture and development, organised by subject and geographically. Everyone is welcome to visit and use our library, but please get in touch first to let us know you're interested to stop by: [email protected]