An Evening About Amar Kanwar


Artist, social activist, and Prince Claus Laureate Amar Kanwar investigates in his deeply unsettling yet poignant work the nature of oppression and the courageous resistance of an oppressed people. On 26 March 2019, Selene Wendt, curator of the exhibition A Sheet of Paper Can Become a Knife, will give introductions to two of his films.  Join us for A Season Outside and Such a Morning at EYE Filmmuseum.  This evening is co-organized by Eye and the Prince Claus Fund.

TICKETS  - 19:15 - Tuesday 26 March 2019 - EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

Informatie in het Nederlands

A season outside:  Amar Kanwar used a border conflict area between India and Pakistan as the basis for a deeply personal and philosophical essay film on the multiple forms of violence and nonviolence. Kanwar’s A Season Outside (1997, 35') opens with the closing of the border gate near Wagah-Atari, a ceremony that incites aggressive nationalism on both sides. This enacted conflict shows how physical aggression can infect cultures as well as individuals.

Such a morning: A renowned professor of mathematics resigns out of the blue and retires to the wilderness, where he moves into a deserted railway carriage. Such A Morning (2017, 85'), which previously featured at Documenta 14, poses the existential question of how to live in the past.

About Amar Kanwar: Amar Kanwar (New Delhi, 1964) received the Prince Claus award in 2017. Kanwar is an artist, filmmaker and social activist committed to making art in reaction to social injustice. He uses his films and multimedia installations to explore such issues as power politics, violence, ecology, sexuality and justice. His work often draws on stories from conflict areas. To increase the impact of his work, Kanwar makes sure his films reach a wide audience, from local film clubs and organizations that support conflict-ridden communities to exhibitions and film festivals across the world. His work demonstrates the importance of resistance, both individually and collectively, and the power of poetry and art to expose injustice. 

Selene Wendt is an independent curator, writer, and founder of The Global Art Project, which was established to promote contemporary art across geographic borders, with particular focus on artists from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. She is the curator of the exhibition at Prince Claus Fund Gallery, A Sheet of Paper Can Become a Knife, which includes work by Amar Kanwar. 

Selene will give a tour of the exhibition on Wednesday 27 March 11.00 – 12.00 (Herengracht 603, Amsterdam). Please email Corina van Beelen at [email protected] if you are interested to attend. 

Photos: Amar Kanwar Such a Morning, 2017 (Video still) Single channel digital video, colour, sound; 85 min. looped. Courtesy of the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery