Elian Chali

Elian Chali is a self-taught artist currently based in Cordoba, Argentina. Elian started with tagging and soon developed his own artistic approach. His work focuses on creating a dialogue with the urban structure, allowing the characteristics of each wall to participate in the mural. Elian identifies with urbanism and architecture more than with muralism and graffiti, and through each work, he tries to transcribe the creativity and dynamism of the city in which he works.

His work is distinguished by its adherence to a disciplined form of minimalism and abstraction. Using a parametric play of primary colors, the artist uses layers, overlays and opacities to create geometric compositions that reflect, imply, or sometimes interrupt the planes of the built environment that acts upon his canvas. Elian Chali relies primarily on latex paint and, while favoring street work over studio work, his work translates effortlessly from wall to canvas. He is a member of a disability activist group and is part of the Torceduras & Bifurlaciones forum, a forum for “political corporality”.