Dox Box Network Partner

Dox Box Independent Documentary Film Festival is the main activity of Proaction Film, a small-sized independent film production company established in 2002 . In the absence of both film schools and art house cinemas in Syria, Dox Box was established to provoke a missing connection between film and the audience. Its first edition took place in February 2008. This annual not-for-profit independent festival used to take place every March for 9 days in 3 Syrian cities (Damascus, Homs and Tartous). It highlighted a selective showcase of free-admission screenings of international documentary films that were followed by debates, discussions and voting. Dox Box also organised master-classes, forums, roundtables, publications, and networking events for the professional filmmakers in Syria. Dox Box festival, within Proaction Film’s work, is based on integrity and independence, and on collaboration and working alongside others. These principles are today all the more important as Syria finds its spring and its people explore their voices and free will.