Criteria 2

In October 2017 the Prince Claus Fund initiated a new programme specifically aimed at engaging young people (ages 15-30) in the building of more inclusive, open-minded societies. The Next Generation will operate in the same ways as our other programmes, by supporting young people and organisations that work with young people in creative endeavours that explore issues related to gender, diversity, and inclusion and where young people can create their own alternative narratives that help people see their world in new and different ways.

More specifically the Next Generation Programme will

Support safe spaces: by offering 3-year support to between 10-15 established arts and culture organisations to develop a programme that offers a safe, nurturing space for young people to explore issues that are relevant to them. 

Create a Network: of these organisations to facilitate learning and exchange with annual meetings (linked to the Awards ceremony) and support for joint projects. 

Provide grants to develop different narratives: through an annual Open Call for proposals. Grants will cover development, production and dissemination of alternative narratives related to gender, diversity and inclusion. 

Present a Youth Award: to a young person (up to 35 years old) project or organisation that has done exemplary cultural work related to youth, gender, diversity and inclusion. The youth laureate will be included in the Fund’s annual Awards programme (participating in the ceremony in the Netherlands and one in their home-country). 

Promote in-depth research: on the role of arts and culture in the lives of young people, and their communities, in the countries where the partners of the Prince Claus Fund operate. 

Engage Dutch youth by disseminating the stories and lessons learned from the Next Generation Programme among youth in other parts of the world in the Netherlands and by promoting exchange among Dutch and other organisations working on similar themes.


Watch the apply page for details of when and how to apply for various Next Generation programmes. Note that only people and organisations from countries on the DAC list are eligible to apply.