Brigitte Ambassador

On June 7, Brigitte Baptiste received the Prince Claus Award in Bogotá among her family and colleagues. The ceremony was held at the Dutch embassy in Bogotá and the award was presented by Ambassador Jeroen Roodenburg. Among the guests were Carlos Rodríguez, director of Tropenbos, writer William Ospina, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment Willer Guevara and 2014 Principal Laureate Abel Rodríguez.

In his welcome speech, the ambassador spoke of Brigitte's work and the theme of the event: "...What is more important than culture (in all its diversity) to achieve the development of a society. Brigitte understands this topic very well, and that is why she wanted the conversation we have today to revolve around the theme of 'the appropriation of the jungle in Colombian culture.' Diversity in culture and nature, how human beings understand each other, but also how we are one with it. ... Nature and geography have a very important significance in the way we have developed as societies."

The speech was followed by two short films about Brigitte's and the presentation of her Prince Claus Award in the Netherlands. After the films, Brigitte addressed the audience. She emphasized how important it is to her that her family is present for this ceremony. Brigitte Baptiste then invited two colleagues, Carlos Rodríguez, director of Tropenbos and writer William Ospina, to discuss the connection between man and nature. The conversation between the three challenged the public to look at nature in a new way, and discussed how people in the future can live together in a more harmonious way with nature, an issue especially important in Colombia. A number of questions were also directed to the audience.

The ceremony was concluded with the presentation of the Prince Claus Award. Congratulations again to Brigitte!