New Head of Fundraising and Communications

The Prince Claus Fund is pleased to announce that as of 2022 Bertan Selim will take up the new position of Head of Fundraising and Communications. 

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Bertan first joined the Prince Claus Fund in 2014 as Head of its Programmes department. In that capacity, he oversaw the Network Partner programme which brought together diverse cultural organisations from around the world.  

Bertan was also successful in finding and working together with like-minded organisations on collaborative projects. Two of these have become the basis for the Prince Claus Fund’s new Mentorship Awards: the collaboration with the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) and the Magnum Foundation on ADPP (the Arab Documentary Photography Programme) that began in 2014 and the Cultural & Artistic Responses to Environmental Change a collaboration with the Goethe Institute that began in 2018.   

At the beginning of 2021, with the launch of our new strategy focusing on Awards for individuals, Bertan oversaw the transition to a new way of working and managing all three of our Awards programmes as well as Exchanges (formerly our Public Programme).  

Bertan will bring his skills in management, fundraising and collaboration to the new position of Head of Fundraising and Communications at a crucial juncture for the Prince Claus Fund, as communications and securing long-term funding (from institutions as well as individual donors) are becoming increasingly important for the sustainability of all cultural organisations.