Become a Torchbearer

Torchbearers light the way for culture. They understand the importance of sustainability. As a member of our Torchbearer programme, you join a circle of longer-term supporters of the Fund.

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You commit to an annual contribution of € 5,000 or € 10,000 for 5 years. You become a valued partner and are invited to special events in the Netherlands, including special Torchbearer dinners and the Awards Ceremony in the Royal Palace, Amsterdam, where you will get to meet our inspiring Prince Claus Award recipients and international guests. Each year we organise a Torchbearer trip to a country where the Fund is active, to see the context and impact of our cultural support. You’ll be kept up to date with the Fund’s work through our newsletter and regular contact. 

The Prince Claus Fund is registered with the Dutch Tax Administration as a Cultural charity, ANBI. All donations are tax-deductible within the Netherlands, including special benefits for longer-term support. It means that your donation is 125% tax-deductible of your income. It is possible to combine gifts to multiple cultural organisations. You can read more on the site of the Belastingdienst.

Periodic gifts are fully deductible from your taxable income and have no thresholds or maximums. A periodic donation consists of a fixed amount per year for at least five years. To make a periodic donation, you can fill in both copies of the form 'Periodic Donation Agreement' and send them both to us. You will receive one copy returned for your administration. 

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