Thao-Linh Dinh Seed Awards recipient

Thao lihn profile


  • Gender equality
  • Free expression/civil society
  • Sexual/queer expression


  • Other(s)


  • Vietnam
Thao-Linh Dinh is a Vietnam based multi/interdisciplinary artist who strives to create spaces of expression - whether physical, temporal, or psychological - where people from different communities are brought together. She attended VEPR Autumn School in 2019, and before that obtained a bachelor in Economics at the Foreign Trade University of Vietnam. She has been working within the art sector since 2018. Her work addresses social issues such as gender equality, indigenous culture, and heritage. Throughout the first 3 years of her career, she was able to start a space called ba-bau AIR which has grown into a community of artists and cultural practitioners of diverse backgrounds and ages, coming together for cooking and other conversational activities.
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