Shukri Lawrence Seed Awards recipient

Shukri Lawrence Profile
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  • Racial justice
  • Gender equality
  • Free expression/civil society
  • Sexual/queer expression


  • Photography
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Film


  • Jordan
Shukri Lawrence is a subversive Palestinian fashion designer and image-maker based in between Palestine and Jordan. Through his work, he narrates his experience as a queer Palestinian through political satire and kitsch culture. Shukri is the co-founder of Trashy Clothing, a ready-to-wear fashion label with a hybrid mixture of satire, wit, and politics, as well as Cyber Fashion Week, a sustainable digital fashion week that combines fashion, music, photography, art, and performance. Experiencing the limitations caused by living under occupation, Shukri tries to shed light on the Palestinian cause through his work by merging the physical and online worlds.
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