Sara Fakhry Ismail Mentorship Awards recipient

Sara Fakhry Ismail
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  • Building Beyond


  • Artistic Research
  • Performance
  • Visual Art


  • Egypt

Sara Fakhry Ismail is a Cairo-based visual artist, performance maker, and somatics practitioner. Their work negotiates relationships between bodily space and spatial and social realities, focusing on emotion and sensation as tangible information. Through their work, Ismail aims to find and create possible assemblages and interplay between fact and fiction by playing with attention and imagination, and creating spaces of contemplation and rest. Working across mediums using primarily movement, image, and text, they invite audiences to participate in acts of listening and "tending to" oneself, another and the beyond-human. Their most recent works are live performances, public interventions, video installations and artist publications, as well as social/discursive formats. Ismail presented work in various locations and contexts, some of which are: Contemporary Image Collective in Cairo, Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto Onlus in Biella, Camden People's Theatre, and Dance Research Studio in London.

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