Saleh Kashefi Seed Awards recipient

Saleh profile


  • Racial justice
  • Indigenous rights
  • Gender equality
  • Free expression/civil society
  • Sexual/queer expression
  • Reexamining history


  • Film
  • Video Art


  • Iran

Saleh Kashefi is an Iranian underground audiovisual artist. Kashefi started out as a child actor at the age of 9, and, by the age of 12 was making his own films, learning to do everything by himself and to work as all the crew of his films himself. He has made 13 short films that have gone to screen in over 100 film festivals around the world and have won 27 awards. His films are made with zero budget, a mix of documentary and fiction, as they are all made without any scripts, nor story, with the actors being left free to do as they wish. Kashefi tells stories that remain previously untold in Iranian cinema.