Reginald Senatus Seed Awards recipient

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  • Environment/Climate emergency
  • Gender equality
  • Free expression/civil society


  • Visual Art


  • Haiti
Reginald Senatus is a Haitian visual artist, who grew up in Port-au-Prince and in 2010 joined Atis Rezistans, a community of artists specializing in recovery sculpture. He is involved with the artistic and social movement OU PRAN LARI Awhich highlights the artists not represented by a gallery, and since 2011, he has participated in several editions of the Ghetto Biennale. Senatus interned at Pioneer Works Showcase show titled toprensin Brooklyn, 2018 and at Moca Museum in Miami, 2019. He is an artist committed to the influence of his country and culture and his work is the reflection of his generation, struggling with a historical discourse and anchored in a socio-political present.
03 Appèl 2018 Caoutchouc creusé acrylique sur bois 17 x 11 inch