Red Seed Awards recipient

Red Profile


  • Free expression/civil society
  • Reexamining history
  • Other(s)


  • Dance
  • Performance
  • Video Art


  • Viet Nam
Red is a Vietnam based moving-image artist and independent art producer whose practice focuses on multidisciplinary approaches which address the shifting boundaries between different forms of art, fiction and documentary; life and death; human and animal; living beings and spirits. Her practice focuses on reflecting one's landscape by questioning how social-personal memory was constructed. What are the esturesof memory and belief? Her video works were featured at Seashort Film Festival, Fundacion-PROA, White Chapell Gallery (nominated by Hanoi DocLab for the Artist Films International 2019). In 2020, she co-founded MORUA - Since 2020, she has co-directed MORUA, a dance collective and artist-in-residency program based in H?i An (the centre of Vietnam), aiming to create a focused space and time for next-generation performing/ performance/ interdisciplinary art practitioners to develop their works by researching and exchanging their methods of body-and-movements.