Orlando Sosa Lozada Seed Awards recipient

Orlando Sosa Lozada Profile


  • Racial justice
  • Gender equality
  • Sexual/queer expression
  • Reexamining history


  • Criticism
  • Visual Art
  • Other(s)


  • Peru

Orlando Sosa Lozada is an artist and healer who accompanies emotional, spiritual and artistic processes from the master plants, astrology and dialogue. He describes himself as a black, fat, queer person in constant decolonization, depatriarchalization, and disidentification from racial trauma. "I find in embroidery, textiles and writing, opportunities that are a means for the manifestation of my being and the healing of emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds resulting from colonization and structures of oppression. My creations are born from thoughts, feelings, memories and subjectivities from my blackness and my dissidences, having as central axes the disidentification and healing of racial trauma, the reconnection with ancestral memory, the structural rigidity of being and feeling, exhaustion, care and collective self-preservation."