Olufemi Hinson Yovo Mentorship Awards recipient

Olufemi HINSON YOVO Masters Thésis Cotonou New Housing 2


  • Building Beyond


  • Artistic Research
  • Design
  • Literature
  • Visual Art


  • Benin
Olufemi Hinson Yovo is trained as an architect and artist. After studying a Bachelor of Architecture and an MA in Fine Arts, in the UK, she received her Masters in Architecture, DESA in Ecole Speciale Paris. She has worked in Benin under a renowned firm based in Abidjan where she oversaw Benin leading construction project of 20 000 housings. In 2021 she opened a polymath, research-based studio in Cotonou, SAH STUDIO, which develops ideas and projects that explore their local context with a focus on decolonising architecture whilst drawing upon urbanism, architecture, furniture, textile designs, and art installations. She has participated in the 14th Venice Biennale, exhibited at the African Mobilities in Munich, and has been featured at the African Future Institute in Accra.
Olufemi HINSON YOVO Masters Thésis Cotonou New Housing 1