Mika’il the Muezzin Mentorship Awards recipient

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  • South Africa

Mika’il, the Muezzin is a storyteller, translator and social sculptor based in South Africa. His work centers around spatial storytelling and design for social impact and he aims to listen, unearth stories, and be a catalyst for translating user experiences into spatial outcomes. Mika’il's practice is focused on intersectionality and the outcomes of his work lie at the confluence of space-making, gender, sexual and ethnic identity, and social justice. His design practice fluently blends the modalities of architecture, urbanism, storytelling, film, graphic and exhibition design, and research.

Mika’il is the founder of Queer.Space, a fledgling collective for designers, artists, and activists to tackle issues at the intersection of LGBTQIA+ identity and space. The aim of the collective is to question what inclusive and safe spaces look like for marginalised communities. His work has been recently exhibited at Nairobi Design Week and THEFOURTH Gallery in Cape Town. 

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