Mehdi Dahkan Seed Awards recipient

Mehdi Dahkan Profile
W4 A4062


  • Free expression/civil society
  • Reexamining history
  • Other(s)


  • Artistic Research
  • Dance
  • Performance
  • Theater


  • Morocco
Mehdi Dahkan is a Moroccan dancer and photographer. He is the founder and artistic director of Generation Z (il Zin Arabic), a collective of dancers and movement artists based in Tangier. As a choreographer, he aims to present thought-provoking performances inspired by the social issues confronting Moroccan, Arab, and African youth. Mehdi has participated in several festivals, such as Festival Haraka and Les Rencontres Chorographiques de Casablanca. Through his work, he questions the politics of space and the body by integrating urban and contemporary practices.