María Medrano Impact Awards recipient

2 Portrait María Medrano Courtesy of María Medrano
4 María Medrano Courtesy of María Medrano


  • Gender equality
  • Free expression/civil society


  • Literature


  • Argentina

María Medrano is am Argentinian writer, poet and editor. In addition to their artistic and poetic practice, Medrano is a prison abolition activist and co-founder of YoNoFui, a non-profit trans-feminist organisation that works with formerly incarcerated women and individuals from the LGTBQIA+ community in arts and crafts projects. 

YoNoFui amplifies their voices beyond the prison walls, allowing the reassembling of their identities in the face of a punitive and unjust reality that tends to neglect the potential of their life trajectories. In 2010, together with their colleagues of YoNoFui, Medrano also founded Tinta Revuelta, an editorial collective of non-binary people, lesbian, bisexual and cis women. 

By establishing safe environments for personal development, relationship building and learning, Medrano's projects address the root of the problems affecting women and LGTBQIA+ community, including their lack of work skills, emotional damage and lack of self-confidence.