Jessica Tanto Seed Awards recipient

Jessica Xaviera Tanto 2
Movement 2020
Outside Inside 2


  • Racial justice
  • Free expression/civil society


  • Visual Art


  • Indonesia
Jessica Tanto is a visual artist born and based in Indonesia. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts and psychology from Monash University, Australia. She’s exhibited her work at Projek Rabak & Ranerrim (online, 2021), The National Gallery of Indonesia (2020) and Intermission Gallery, Melbourne (2019). She was also part of the art collective study residency at the public learning platform GUDSKUL in 2019. Her practice integrates unconventional mediums to create interactive, immersive and multisensorial art installations in a safe space. Through her work, Jessica focuses on racial justice, free expression, accessibility and civil society.