Jepkorir Rose Mentorship Awards recipient

Jepkorir Rose 01
Installation view Naijographia A play on travelling place and time
Publication Wanakuboeka Feelharmonic Naijographia 01


  • Building Beyond


  • Artistic Research
  • Media/Journalism
  • Visual Art


  • Kenya
Jepkorir Rose is a curator based in Nairobi, Kenya. Alongside artists and affiliating practices, she works to create opportunities/spaces for artists to encounter each other in areas of interest. Selected work include; A Seat at a Table (2019), Burden of Memory: Considering German Colonial History in Africa (Yaounde, 2019), From Here to When (2019), Wanakuboeka Feelharmonic (2018), and Naijographia: A play on traveling time and place (2017).
Kazi ya Mkono Nautonomat Kenyatta Market