Haifa Subay Seed Awards recipient

Haifa Subay
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  • Gender equality
  • Free expression/civil society


  • Visual Art


  • Yemen
Haifa Subay is a Yemeni visual artist who, following the Arab Spring, focuses on issues of human rights, access to education, peace, and stability. First alone, then together with various groups of women and children, she painted murals on the bombarded streets of Sana, Yemen. Invited to take part in the Singapore Biennale 2019, she drew a series of murals focused on the themes that she usually depicts and interprets: destruction, victims of enforced disappearance, children not being able to attend school, women who have no rights, domestic violence or children recruitment, shelling and bombing, landmines and shelling casualties, and her continuous desire for peace. For her work at the Singapore Biennale, Haifa was shortlisted for the Benesse Prize, alongside reputed international artists.
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