Guely Morató Loredo Mentorship Awards recipient

Guely Morato Loredo Portrait
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  • Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change


  • Artistic Research
  • Sound Art
  • Video Art


  • Bolivia

Guely Morató Loredo is a curator, sound artist and researcher, M.Sc in Education and Technology based in La Paz. Since 2014, she has founded and directed SONANDES, a platform for artistic experimentation and research that promotes an international sound art biennial, a programme of residencies, laboratories, research projects, exhibitions and publications. Morato's artistic practices focus on exploring and systematising collective creation processes and promoting a culture of listening. Her work explores alternative methodologies for artistic research as well as the relationship between science, technology and politics, with a strong emphasis on the study of perception, and has been exhibited in different countries in America and Europe.

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