Gabriela Munguia Mentorship Awards recipient

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  • Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change


  • Artistic Research
  • Performance
  • Sound Art
  • Visual Art


  • Mexico

Gabriela Munguia, from Mexico, is a transmedia artist-researcher and founder of the Invisible Ecologies Laboratory, a nomadic programme of artistic creation dedicated to the study of environmental phenomena and materialities through collective and community activities merging arts, science, philosophy and open-source technologies. Gabriela's transdisciplinary work takes the form of multimedia productions, where she experiments with environmental interfaces and data-analysis, computer science, sound performance, site-specific interventions and video. In her work, she intertwines speculative thinking, southern epistemologies, terrestrial acupuncture and emerging technologies to address environmental justice issues of territories and their human and non-human communities. Her work has been exhibited in international exhibitions and festivals throughout the Americas and Europe, Iran and Egypt, among others, and has been awarded internationally.